Nicole & Jaleel

Nicole & Jaleel

Everyone will add stress to your life in the days leading up to your wedding, but Sharlee makes it very clear that your role as the bride/ groom is to be the center of attention. Not to stay up all night making bouquets. Not to shuttle your out-of-town guests all over the city all week. Sometimes it was difficult for us to not feel the need to do everything ourselves, Sharlee was great at coming up with options that were affordable so we could literally have our cake and eat it too! ;) I would say, hiring a professional wedding coordinator is the most important part of planning your wedding. Don't settle for a friend of a friend who will coordinate for free. Planning a wedding is truly a full time job, don't assume you know all the steps in planning because you've never done this before! You already work and go to school, your wedding should be a beautiful and stress-free celebration, and Sharlee can make it that.

Candice & Chad

I think all brides have a fear that their planner will not see their vision and will not listen to their opinions. Sharlee did a great job of understanding myself and my husband and what we wanted our day to be. She listened to our wants, but also gave suggestions from her experience, because most of the time, this is your first wedding, but not hers, so she knows a lot more than you. ;) But the best part is, if you want something a certain way, she will make sure that happens.

Bridgette & Micah

We are so glad we chose Sharlee as our wedding coordinator. We can say, without a doubt, that Sharlee is extremely organized, detail-oriented, and passionate about her work. We are in another city and Sharlee made it much easier for us to stay on track with our wedding schedule. She worked well with all of our vendors to execute the perfect day, we didn’t have to think about anything except getting married. On our day, she made sure everything ran smoothly from beginning to end, and we couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out. If you are searching for someone who is always professional, kind, and accessible, we highly recommend Spotlight Event Planning! Thank you Sharlee, everything was planned and executed flawlessly to meet and exceed our expectations.

Jennifer & Chris

We were nervous about everything with the wedding. I was worried that a wedding coordinator would be a waste of our small budget for the wedding. It was not true! Sharlee was one of the best purchases we made. She helped in so many ways! Sharlee knows weddings! She had many great ideas and suggestions for dealing with things we didn't even think about. Being able to allow someone else to share in the burden of planning helped make sure we had everything accounted for. We were grateful for her advice and professionalism throughout the entire process.

Drew & Doug

When I have recommended you to friends, I’ve told them that you are an amazing person to work with and if you really need things to get done and get done right you are the person to go with. She Rocks! And she is such a reasonable price she can fit into anyone’s budget! She will be the best person you will ever hire for your wedding, she’s got it going on! You were just such a delight to work with and a breath of fresh air on the day of my wedding! Everything went so smoothly on my wedding day, had it gone any smoother we would have been sliding down the aisle!

Anika & Adam

As with any wedding, budget is often a concern. However, the vast majority of advice I heard from former brides said hiring a coordinator was the best decision ever (or on the flipside, the one regret they had was not hiring a coordinator!). What we paid for Spotlight Event Planning paid off tenfold. I loved how organized and detail-oriented Sharlee was when helping with our wedding. I truly appreciated all of her help before our wedding, from keeping track of our vendors and payments to walking us through every detail of our big day – many which we hadn't thought of! Her preparedness, organization, and experience ensured that our day ran without a hitch and that we could enjoy our wedding as guests instead of worrying about it as hosts.

Jana & Chaz

Having Sharlee as our coordinator made our wedding day. Without her keeping everyone on time I know every event would have been behind schedule. There are so many details a bride will forget about, luckily Sharlee had already dealt with every hiccup that came up before I even realized there were any issues. I was even more impressed when she was able to modify my bouquet that the florist botched a bit and with only a safety pin made it look exactly how I had envisioned it. I had never thought of having a coordinator as a necessity but looking back I don't see how we would have been able to enjoy our wedding as much as we did without her.

Kyle & Tina

Sharlee was an incredible boon to our wedding. She came prepared with many resources and checklists that helped clarify the focus for our big day. She was kind and calm and she guided us through the areas of improvement she identified while also helping reassure us about the good decisions we had already made. Sharlee's visit left us feeling more confident and ready than at any other point leading up to the wedding.

Sarah & Dan

Sharlee is SO organized. She has a great mind for detail (she’s got an accounting background), is excellent at quickly solving problems, is friendly but also not afraid to be assertive with vendors or family members, etc. that need to get with the program. :-) She helped me think through details and be a sounding board as I made final decisions. She helped me figure out our table seating chart for our 120-ish guests. She went over all our vendor contracts and contacted each of them the week before to check in and confirm everything for me. I feel like I got to actually enjoy our wedding day and was seriously able to have a stress-free day. It was a great feeling to walk in to the banquet hall and see her directing everything, all the vendors and family friend volunteers and seeing everything beautifully decorated, like I imagined, without me, my mom, or bridesmaids having to set up anything.

My experience with Sharlee was wonderful, a relief and a joy. It was SO NICE being able to relax the day of, knowing that Sharlee knew what I wanted, had the plan in place and would take care of any “fires” that popped up. Personally, I think hiring her was the best decision we made in our wedding planning.